It’s a joy to be in a painting workshop with the wonderful artist, Linda Jacobson. She offers a warm, accepting environment, encouraging all, in a kind and loving manner. I return again and again….
— C.R., Psychotherapist, budding Artist

Linda’s class is a haven for creativity. She effortlessly balances the freedom for one’s personal expression with the technical advice and guidance for your individual skill level. Time and again, she’s helped me break through my creative roadblocks, expanding my work and technique to new heights.
— A.P., Costume Designer and Artist

Linda is a wonderful, encouraging and inspirational teacher who is willing to share her vast knowledge of painting with her students. She is always constructive and open to different ways of approaching one’s art.
— J.W., Artist

Meeting Linda has been one of the blessings in my life. With her kind, encouraging way of teaching, she helped me rediscover the fine artist in me over 20 years ago. She has continued to provide me with her discerningly encouraging eye in her beautiful studio space along with wonderful people to paint with each week. Her approach allows us to bring both spiritual as well as creative expression to our work. I have belonged to the Venice Art Forum critique group led by Linda since 1998. We are all such different artists that the constructive feedback we get and give from each unique perspective allows us to go further and take our work to another level. Her workshops in Santorini (Greece), Big Sur and Santa Fe, to name a few, are always enjoyable and a chance to get away from daily life to a spectacular location.
— C.T., Arist

My art experience with Linda has opened up a new world of freedom and expression in my paintings. Through her visionary meditations, supportive environment, artistic guidance, and talented eye for color, Linda provides a safe haven for experimentation and creativity. I always leave each class learning more about technique, paint application, composition, and color.
— Allie J., Artist and Retired Teacher

Linda encourages her students to get in touch with and reveal their innate creativity by providing a loving space and expert guidance. She meets her students at their level of artistic knowledge, creating an environment where beginners and life long artists can participate simultaneously in a positive class environment. Her vast knowledge of art, and her spiritual approach to creativity is a gift to all of her students.
— L.M., Lawyer